CBD Oil for Dogs Health – Everything You Need To Know

IMPORTANT: Before considering use cannabis products for your dog, we recommend you consult with your veterinarian first

Recently, researchers have turned their attention to CBD Oil for medicinal use and since CBD Oil has helped alleviate symptoms and provided numerous health benefits for humans, pet owners are trying to get CBD for their dogs. Just like for humans, CBD oil administered to dogs and other pets contains small amounts to no traces of THC and comes from the hemp plant.

Interestingly, there’s an increase in the number of pet owners as well as holistic vets who are drawn CBD oil and its diverse health benefits. The side effects of this supplement are mild and so animals don’t seem to develop a tolerance. CBD oil can be a healthy and in some cases, even life-saving, supplement for your dog. 

Is CBD Oil Legal and Safe for dogs?

For many western countries, it is perfectly legal to give CBD oil to your dog. However, there are countries where medicinal CBD and its use comes with many regulations. In Australia, CBD Oil for humans currently requires an approved personal script and commercial availability for dogs is quite scarce.

If you are considering importing CBD oil or taking it with you across international borders, be sure to check with the customs or your local authorities. Because some CBD oil may contain small quantities of THC, if a country prohibits THC, by having it could mean you are breaking the law. Fortunately, your dog won’t undergo drug testing.

Does the Endocannabinoid System in Dogs Function same as in Humans?

Just like in humans, your pet dog has an Endocannabinoid System that functions by way of CB1 and CB2 receptors found throughout the whole body. The ECS system modulates different functions within the body and it also makes up the immune system of your dog.

How can CBD oil help my dog?

As more and more people are enjoying the health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD), more pet owners have taken to this new form of holistic treatment. In dogs, CBD Oil may be used in the treatment of seizures, stress, nausea, anxiety, cancer symptoms, arthritis, gastrointestinal issues, and back pain among other conditions.

CBD oil can decrease the enzyme activity in the liver which helps metabolise many drug prescriptions. Therefore, it is very important to check with your holistic vet first if your pooch is on any medication.

CBD Oil can be used on dogs that are suffering from:

  • Eating disorders: Cannabidiol can help re-balance your dog’s digestive system and improve its appetite.
  • Depression and Sadness: CBD may be used to directly boost the serotonin 5-HT1A receptors found in your dog’s brain that are linked to well-being and happiness.
  • Noise phobias and separation anxiety: To help relax and calm your dog from anxiety, CBD oil may be administered.
  • Arthritis: CBD Oil acts as an anti-inflammatory medicine hence it may be used to reduce joint pains in animals.
  • Nausea and vomiting: As an antiemetic, CBD can help reduce vomiting and nausea in animals.
  • Cancer symptoms: CBD may be used to reduce the spread of cancer and slows it down.
  • Neurodegenerative diseases: As a Neuro-protectant, CBD can help support your dog’s nervous system and its brain.
  • Seizures: Since CBD contains antispasmodic qualities, it has shown to reduce seizures and help specific kinds of epilepsy.
  • Intestinal Problems: CBD helps reduce inflammation in Crohn’s disease and Colitis. It also affects the digestive system.

Can I use normal human CBD oil for my dog?

Companies that produce CBD specifically for Dogs often offer products that are specially designed for anima;s. Typically, these are products that have lower strengths but are just the same formulation as those used for humans.

Normal hemp plant CBD oil can be used for your dog and it often will work out cheaper compared to the brands being sold to pet owners. It is extremely important however that you calculate the exact amount of CBD contained in that product as and when you are comparing them. Don’t give your dog the wrong dosage.

Do you need THC for Your dog if it has Cancer?

Cannabis oil that has CBD and THC can be helpful for your dog if it’s suffering from Cancer. According to research, THC contains specific anti-cancer properties such as Apoptosis etc.

Because THC is psycho-active, shopping for THC oil can be a challenge unless cannabis is legalised in the state or country you live in. The best thing here would be going for the whole hemp plant extraction CBD oil which carries healthy tarpenes and all the acidic Cannabinoids such as CBDA. These properties will give your dog the full benefits of the medicine.

How Can I Choose The Best CBD Oil For My Dog?

When shopping for CBD for your dog, you will come across a wide range of choices. Some of the questions you may face include What CBD oil strength to buy? Which CBD oil type is suitable for dogs? Which delivery method is good for dogs? Which is the best choice cannabis oil for my dogs breed?

Due to the huge weight and size differences, it is advisable that you select the appropriate product for your pup from those that are presently available in the market.

It is important to recognise that all CBD oils are not the same. You‘ll need a high-quality hemp CBD oil that will work. So, what should you look for when shopping for CBD for your dog?

  • Go for organic: When it isn’t organic, the CBD oil will contain fungicides, solvents or pesticides.
  • Don’t cheap out: High quality and pure CBD oil will cost more, so don’t price shop. Select CBD oil that is additive-free and contains a good quantity of CBD.
  • Get Lab analysis: Ask to see a lab analysis certificate showing the amount of CBD found in the product. Most CBD oils have small levels of CBD. The manufacturer must provide an analysis certificate. Also, check to ensure that there is no or little THC in the CDB product.
  • Buy CBD tincture: Though you can get CBD in treats, the best form would be as a tincture. This will allow you to adjust the dose drop by drop making sure your dog gets the full benefits.

Always start off your dog slowly. And although research is still continuing, the results so far have been very promising.


How Is CBD Given to Dogs?

Even though CBD Products for dogs are available in many forms, they can be delivered in 4 main methods.

  1. Capsules that can be eaten or hidden inside treats
  2. Oil drops taken orally
  3. CBD Paste which you can mix with food
  4. Ready-made food – in the form of dog biscuits

As you look at which product to get, it’s important that you understand the idea of bioavailability. Choose the CBD that will be absorbed the most depending on the method of delivery you decide on.

CBD products that can be taken as capsules or taken in as food may have a reduced bioavailability since it is digested by stomach acids and metabolized in the liver.

The best and most efficient method of delivery for dogs best absorption is through their mouth. However, the only disadvantage is that your dog may not necessarily like its taste. Because of this, most dog owners might opt for lower bioavailability since they don’t want to put much pressure on their pups. They instead want to allow their dogs to ingest CBD in their regular diet.   

When starting your dog on CBD, it is advisable that you give them the lowest CBD levels and bit by bit increase the dosage every after 5 days until you see the desired effect.

When you notice unwanted side effects like excitement, excessive sedation, vomiting, disorientation, etc. It means the CBD dose is very high and so you should immediately stop administration. Once these side effects wear off, you can restart your dog with a lower dosage. It is important you consult with your Vet if you have any concerns.

What strength CBD oil is best for dogs?

Since most companies make CBD oil specially for pets, choose one with a low CBD oil strength – of below 1%. Often the CBD oils are diluted in carrier oils such as coconut MCT oil or hemp oil. There are some suppliers who don’t indicate the mg of CBD in the oil you want to buy.

In such a case, if your dog is medium-sized or large, the high strength CBD products will work very economically. For instance, a 10ml bottle, with 20% CBD will have 2000mg of CBD. And for the small dog, it is recommended that you buy the lower strength oils.

Will My Dog Get High From Taking CBD?

Since CBD is non-psychoactive, it’s very unlikely that your dog gets high from CBD oil unless it contains high levels of THC. Though in theory, it’s possible, it can happen only when you administer lots of CBD to your dog over a given span of time leading to the THC trace amounts building up in its fat cells. When your dog suddenly applies itself the pent up reserve may all be released in one go.

When your dog is high from this, it should not worry you as this tends to wear off mostly after some hours.

It could happen that you’ve left your CBD oil product not closed the right way or lying around and your dog might decide to drink or eat the lot. From this ingestion, your dog might have a hard time standing or even eating. When you suspect it’s an overdose, immediately take your pet dog to a vet!


What are the potential risks of CBD oil for dogs

Australian laws on medicinal cannabis don’t yet exist and therefore are a grey are to vets. They only affect human physicians as well as their patients. For this reason, it has become a dilemma for vets and their clients since humans may now share CBD Oil supplements with their pets. Something they often do without knowing the risks involved.

Because of this, many veterinarians are reluctant to provide CBD oil due to the lack of information and research on its potential side effects.

Though more research is needed on this, the risks that might occur in giving CBD oil for dogs are not yet known. But so far the results of CBD oil for dogs have a high possibility of being as beneficial to dogs and other animals as it is for humans.

To date, overdosing is the biggest risk pet owners get to experience and it’s symptoms include vomiting, excessive sedation, overexcitement or disorientation. Should this happen to your dog, immediately stop the treatment and decrease the dosage.   

It is advisable that you inform yourself on all the notable side effects CBD oil has in humans, before administering to your pet.

Where Can I Get CBD Oil for My Dog?

When you decide to get CBD Oil for your dog, check with your holistic veterinarian to see if they have CBD oil products in stock and you can buy straight from them or from an online source. CBD Oil for dogs in Australia is still being tested and it is rare to find a source to obtain CBD Oil.

When purchasing CBD Oil for your dog online, you will probably face the same challenges as you would when buying for human. Therefore, be cautious since there are many untrustworthy suppliers. In order to avoid this, it is advisable that you first learn about the various types of CBD products available online.

Aside from CBD Oil, there is also Hemp Oil, which is also made from cannabis but has different health benefits to CBD Oil. Hemp Oil products, (also known as Hemp Seed Oil) are legal nationwide across Australia and are becoming more commonly found in pet food on the shelves in pet stores and supermarkets.

Wrapping up

When you decide to administer CBD oil to your dog, be sure to adjust its dose accordingly especially when it is a high strength supplement. When starting this medicinal treatment on your dog, always start with low doses and carefully observe your dog since he can’t tell you how the dosage affects him – this way you will pick up immediately if there are any unfavourable effects.


IMPORTANT: Before considering use cannabis products for your dog, we recommend you consult with your veterinarian first

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