Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Australia?

Since 2016, medical marijuana in Australia has been legal. Yet, buying the right CBD (Cannabidiol), a hemp extract, is quite challenging for many. Although CBD comes in various forms such as capsules, topical creams, tinctures and vape oil, the most common product for medicinal use is CBD oil. 

Before you try and get your hands on CBD oil that will address your medical needs, there are some important things you need to consider, like it’s strength and concentration. In addition, consider it’s purity and the amount of CBD contained in the product.

So, Is it legal to buy CBD in Australia?

In Australia, cannabis was treated as a schedule 9 drug, however, since the Australian Government legalised the use of CBD oil for medical purposes in 2016, many Australians can now  treat various medical conditions with medical cannabis. This has allowed for CBD products to be administered to Australians that receive a special prescription. Additionally, the administering doctors have to be registered and licensed

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD Oil is extracted from the Hemp plant. The oil is derived from the leaf, flowers, and the stalk of the hemp plant. This non-psychoactive oil is proven to carry excellent healing properties making it very useful for medical applications. According to recent research, CBD oil is a great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antipsychotic agent.

Today, many Australians are well aware of the numerous benefits of CBD oil as a natural treatment. As a result, more people are using this product to help relieve them of various health conditions.   

Taken orally, CBD Oil will offer you excellent qualities since it does not carry the negative effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the component that gives a “high” when you smoke marijuana.

What should you consider when buying CBD products in Australia?

Anecdotally, for many patients, CBD oil is the one remedy they’ve been searching for. But it is also important to note that not all CBD oils are created equal. This means finding a suitable CBD product is the most essential part of your journey. Here’s a look at three very important things you need to consider when shopping for CBD oil.

1. Quality

Always be sure to consider the quality of the hemp extract product you wish to buy. To start with, it should come with a certificate of analysis as proof that it’s fit for human use. Also consider a non-psychoactive CBD oil that does not contain THC so it won’t affect your mental state. The product you choose should also undergo third-party lab tests to guarantee the best results for anyone taking them.

2. CBD concentration

Read the product label before buying the CBD to confirm its concentration. This aspect is the most important and you should give it much attention however difficult it may be to calculate. The levels of CBD concentration in any given product helps calculate its strength. For this reason, this information is very important if you want to buy an effective product.

3. Extraction and Storage Methods

There are several methods used in extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant that most people aren’t familiar with. Many companies opt for cheap extraction methods that often involve using toxic solvents which pose high risks to the body. For this reason, it is advisable that you familiarise yourself with the different extraction and preservation methods used by different companies. Make sure the company uses the right extraction and storage methods that will maintain their CBD oil products toxins-free. CO2 extraction is preferred, especially for the people that want the best product possible for their money. CO2 extraction provides a safe way for CBD to be extracted from the plant through pressurisation. Once the CBD is compressed, it turns into a cold liquid that has its nutrient-rich terpenes and trichomes preserved for clean use. Purity is essential for CBD and this should be researched by consumers to make sure they are getting the quality product that matches its price.


What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

Hemp-derived CBD oil has been recently celebrated in the booming medical cannabis industry. This product can help treat various health conditions and many patients can attest to its effects. CBD oil has a wide range of potential applications and health benefits.

Some benefits of using CBD oil include alleviating anxiety, reducing inflammation, improving your mood, pain prevention in inflammatory arthritis, balancing metabolism, improving the immune system, aiding sleep disorders, relieving cancer symptoms and even curing acne.

There are many different ways you can use cannabis and it has many uses for natural health. The different forms that CBD oil and Hemp Oil is made available for use is one of the contributing factors that has popularised its applications – such as topical skin treatments, bath bombs, oral capsules and oils.

hemp cbd oil


Interestingly, the numerous debates on marijuana and its legislation have only served to garner CBD oil increased attention from many countries across the globe, and that includes Australia.

This hemp-derived oil has become more recognised as a safe and legal medication for different health disorders. And there are growing studies and research emerging daily.

The optimal amount of THC contained in CBD oils should not exceed 0.3 percent, so be sure to read the labels. We recommend to seek results before buying CBD oils.

Types of CBD Products

CBD Capsules

cbd capsules


CBD Edibles

cbd edibles


CBD Extracts & Pastes

cbd extract

CBD Oils

cbd oil


CBD Topical Skin Care

cbd topicals


CBD Vape Oil

cbd vape


Where can I buy CBD Oil in Australia?

As you consider to get CBD oil in Australia, ensure that you do so after you have obtained a valid prescription. The issuing doctors need to be licensed and have registered to allow them to administer CBD products to patients. Some popular access clinics include Cannabis Access Clinics and Cannabis Doctors Australia.

After learning the benefits of medical cannabis, many Australians are also turning to online methods with various online stores (both Australian and International) that ship directly to homes in Australia. When you are purchasing CBD Oil, it is important to know the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil, with the two being very different products with various differing health benefits.

When choosing a CBD Oil, be sure to read the label that actually it contains Cannabidiol (CBD). Look for the products that contain “cannabidiol”, “hemp extract”, and “full spectrum”.  Be wary that there are plenty of products that are masked and marketed as CBD Oil, but contain little to no CBD in its ingredients, but instead containing Hemp Seed Oil.


Final Words

To avoid falling into marketing traps, it is very important that you check the CBD product labels before you buy it. If you want to receive the many unique benefits of CBD, go for a product that clearly outlines what it contains.

Know what you want to buy, the form each product comes in, read labels and don’t hesitate to ask questions. In addition, avoid focusing too much on the CBD oil prices and only deal with authorised sources. In doing so, you will continue to reap the numerous benefits that the hemp plant provides for optimal health and your endocannabinoid system. Be sure to obtain a valid prescription before using medical cannabis products in Australia.


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