Beginners Guide to CBD Oil Capsules

Important: Before using any medical cannabis and CBD oil products, you should consult with your doctor first.

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of CBD in Australia for its numerous medicinal and health benefits, CBD capsules have proven to have a rising popularity when compared to all other forms of CBD products.

Capsules offer the most accuracy when considering your daily dose calculation. Since the levels of CBD in each capsule are measured to hold the exact weight (milligram) as stated on its label, you can keep track of the amount you ingest in a day or even for the week. This ensures that you can accurately monitor your daily dosage intake, meaning you suffer no risk of administering too much or too little CBD than you require for your condition.

What are CBD Capsules?

While CBD capsules look like regular medications or vitamins, they contain cannabidiol compounds which are developed for oral administration. Inside each capsule, the dose will vary from 10 – 250 milligrams of cannabidiol, which is how it is currently available in the market.

CBD capsules have the same effects as all CBD products and get absorbed into your system upon entering your digestive system. CBD capsules can come as sublingual tablets which dissolve under the tongue.

Some capsules are made from CBD isolate while others use the raw hemp plant extract. Those from isolate normally do not contain THC, while those from hemp (referred to full-spectrum CBD) might have THC traces (below 0.3%) but this will not give you a “high”. CBD capsules should be taken orally with some water for ease in swallowing as well as digestion.

Are CBD Capsules right for me?

Similar to ingesting prescription drugs, CBD Capsules are a great option to consider for people who have no problem with taking CBD edibles. They are taken just as you would regular capsules and medication vitamins. Simply take it orally and allow for its benefits to manifest.

Where to start

Beginners should start using CBD with low strengths. And because there are vast arrays of strengths available in the market today, newcomers can try it out and see how their body responds to it.  For those who want to have CBD in their routine, slowly increasing the potencies and even trying stronger doses can be helpful.

It is important to simply choose the option that feels right to your condition.

These capsules comprise of cannabidiol compounds and are formulated for oral use. And because CBD is natural and generally considered safe, the capsules may be administered with or without food and you won’t experience unfavourable effects either way.

Based on new research, using CBD capsules with fat sources like yoghurt, nuts, and milk can enhance its absorption especially when it enters the small intestines. Even so, just like with any tablets or capsules, always exercise caution since oral medications are choking hazards thus be sure to have some water to enable smoother administration.

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Finding the right dosage

CBD capsules come in different concentrations: some will contain 10 mg of CBD while others 30 milligrams per pill.  Although cannabidiol has shown to have better results in higher dosages, you should determine the right dosage for your condition. If you are not sure how much CBD to take, be sure to consult a medical practitioner for right dosage recommendation.

Also, take note that capsules have low bioavailability when compared to vaping, thus you ’ll have to compensate for that.


What are the benefits of CBD capsules?

Different from other CBD medications, the CBD capsule offers patients and users many advantages when considering convenience, efficiency, and also its storage capabilities. Some benefits of CBD capsules can include:

Odourless and Tasteless

Capsules are perfect for newbies and those patients that are sensitive to tastes and scents when it concerns oral medication. Capsules don’t have the plant-like taste or grass-like scent that CBD is been known for.


It is handy since the capsules are easy to swallow it whole like any supplement or other multivitamins. You can incorporate these capsules into your daily diet, without having to modify your meal plans or shift your diet regime.


CBD capsules are perfect for patients and users who want to monitor closely their CBD intake. Capsules ensure that the accurate dosage is taken and that all will be absorbed in the body. When using other CBD forms like vapor, oils, and sprays, it might be hard to determine the correct amount of CBDs taken.


Since CBD capsules take up little space, they are, therefore, easy to carry, they aren’t fussy to travel with when in public places as is the case of vapes and sprays. Generally, capsules are considered to be shelf-stable, meaning you will not have to worry about breaking glass bottles or leaking liquids when stocking and storing CBD capsules for long periods.

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Important: Before using any medical cannabis and CBD oil products, you should consult with your doctor first.

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