CBD Oil For Anxiety

Today, the preference for CBD (cannabidiol) oil as a remedy for anxiety has increased a lot. While there are people who take CBD oil to relieve their day-to-day worries, others will use it as a treatment for more serious health conditions such as generalized anxiety disorders.

Although research is still in its early stages to learn whether cannabis oil, hemp oil, or other marijuana products are a possible treatment for stress, anxiety, and depression. However, those who’ve taken these products can attest to, overall decrement in symptoms.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant. This compound can be used to help those with anxiety lessen their symptoms with little to no side effects.

Research on CBD oil (cannabidiol oil) is still in the early stages, but there’s increasing evidence to indicate that there are individuals who get relief from using it for anxiety. Keep reading to learn more about how CBD oil can be used to help combat anxiety symptoms. But first,

What is Anxiety?

Currently, anxiety is one of the most frequent behavioural and emotional issues that our society is dealing with. Actually, a 2017 report published by the WHO (World Health Organization) suggests that about 264 million people across the globe suffer from anxiety.

The good thing is that health care professionals and researchers from across the globe are continually in search of more new ways to assist people in dealing with anxiety and stress.

To sum up, anxiety is characterized by excessive worry and restlessness. People who are experiencing it might have a tough time speaking in public, making decisions, tolerating criticism, or even asking their boss for a salary increment.

Anxiety manifests itself in many ways starting from panic disorders and social anxiety to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and agoraphobia.

But despite the type of anxiety you are dealing with, taking a dose of cannabidiol could help you deal with the unpleasant symptoms linked to this condition.

What Are The Traditional Treatments for Anxiety?

Use of cannabis for relieving anxiety was first recorded in India around the year 1500. Ever since, health care professionals and experts have continued to research on the effects of CBD as a possible treatment for a broad range of emotional problems and brain diseases. Some of the condition that can benefit from use of CBD include chronic pain, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, work-related stress, post-traumatic stress, and many more.

How about Therapy for Anxiety?

Therapy has been among the most common treatment choice for anxiety. This often involves having a long chat with a licensed psychotherapist or counselor with the aim of helping you figure out the cause of your problem. And from there you can then take action towards healing.

Also, therapy uses techniques like thought challenging, exposure therapy, or Socratic questioning that enable you to overcome the patterns of irrational thinking. It is this kind of thinking that fuel your continual worrying and by turning it around, you can gather the courage to lead an anxiety-free life.

How does Neurochemistry and CBD work?

Our bodies have a built-in system that is explicitly designed for processing cannabinoids. This system is known as the endocannabinoid system. It plays a key role in homeostasis – your body’s ability to keep a healthy internal balance.

Therefore, this implies that CBD and other derived supplements may help regulate mood, sleep, appetite, and as a result, the anxiety level you might experience at any given moment. But the interesting part is that the CBD compound can cause a real effect on your brain receptors that are related to your body’s reaction to anxiety.

For instance, cannabidiol work similar to Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors ( SSRIs) – a class of psychiatric drugs purposely designed for depression and anxiety. By raising your serotonin levels to normal, the CBD-based supplements will greatly reduce your anxiety symptoms.

What Does Research Say?

Generally, anxiety disorders are treated using psychotherapy, medication, and sometimes a combination of both. However, most people choose to skip these approaches and instead self-treat using products such as CBD oil.

As per a survey published in 2018 in the Cannabis & Cannabinoid Research, about 62% of cannabidiol users claimed that they took CBD to manage a medical condition, and the top three of these conditions were anxiety, pain, and depression.

Though there is a lack of research, it is not yet known how CBD oil can help manage issues like anxiety. Even then, some studies suggests that apart from affecting the endocannabinoid system, CBD can influence receptors responsible for serotonin modulation. Serotonin is a chemical messenger believed to impact anxiety regulation.

Is CBD Oil good for Anxiety?

Because the Internet is awash with instructional videos on ways you can meditate, do some light yoga, or even practice a few breathing exercises, why not give it a shot?

Still, these strategies are by no means a replacement for the traditional treatments. They instead will offer you some additional help in case you are dealing with anxiety.

Is CBD Safe?

So far cannabidiol has proven to be an effective treatment for a wide range of psychological and medical conditions. Therefore, it is safe to assume that CBD-based health products are safe. Actually, millions of people from across the globe are regularly taking this supplement without getting any medical complications.

Moreover, animal and human studies [2] have discovered that cannabidiol compound is safe and can help in preventing colitis in mice. It also acts as a colon cancer chemopreventive supplement.

In general, experts do agree that taking CBD oil to manage anxiety is surprisingly effective and a perfectly safe alternative to conventional treatments.

What are the CBD Oil Effects?

Let’s say you’re suffering from an emotional condition like anxiety and you have an extremely hard time tolerating the undesirable side effects of using psychiatric medication. In such a situation, hemp oil or other cannabis product containing CBD could be a good option for you.

In the Journal of Psychopharmacy, a 2010 paper published therein suggests that both animal and human studies [2] showed that CBD, primary compounds extracted from cannabis and marijuana may help as a possible anxiety treatment.

In fact, several clinical trials show that CBD oil is great for a broad range of health conditions, from multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and Alzheimer’s disease to anxiety, stress, and depression. Furthermore, it may help lower blood pressure and it’s as a naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory supplement.

Still, CBD oil can benefit individuals who are dealing with certain kinds of anxiety. For instance, a study published in the Neuropsychopharmacology in 2011[1], showed that cannabidiol might decrease social anxiety – a very common type of anxiety disorder.

In summation, cannabidiol appears to contain important health benefits that make it a viable supplement that you might need to take into consideration.

Does CBD Get You High?

It’s possible you are worried that by taking CBD oil for anxiety can get you ‘high.’ Luckily, it is virtually impossible for CBD oil to get you ‘high’ because it doesn’t cause psychoactive effects to the brain.

Although cannabidiol may interfere with many kinds of neurotransmitter receptors, THC is the component that gives the ‘high’.

And when that isn’t convincing enough, take note that hemp oil, CBD oil, and other CBD-based products can be found in most countries across the globe – and this includes countries that treat recreational and medical marijuana as illegal.

Is CBD oil Addictive?

The shortest answer is no. Unlike recreational marijuana or weed products, use of cannabidiol isn’t addictive.

And according to a 2018 report by the WHO (World Health Organization) [5] it clearly states that presently no public health issues (like drug cases of driving under the influence, comorbidities) have been linked to the taking of pure CBD.

What Does Research Say about CBD For Anxiety?

As a decent and rational person, it‘s possible you might be wondering what the researchers have found out about using CBD oil for treating anxiety.

CBD will not only help lower anxiety, but it’ll also help decrease the symptoms related to a wide scope of brain disorders and psychological conditions.

According to the studies mentioned above, CBD has proven to be a reliable treatment for:

Social anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorders, insomnia, Generalized anxiety disorder, Depression, and Stress

Which are The Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety?

Although this drug may be effective for most patients, others may not respond favorably to it. There are patients who may not see much improvement, or can’t tolerate its side effects. Furthermore, tranquilizers such as Xanax and Valium can be very addictive.

It is clear that alternative treatments are secure. But still, can cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating and prominent constituent found in cannabis, be a viable choice for the presently available medications for anxiety? Quite possibly!

Recently, CBD has sparked a huge amount of curiosity among scientists, consumers, and clinicians. And why? It not only provides evidence to suggest that CBD checks most of THC’s adverse effects. But according to numerous animal studies and an increasing amount evidence derived from human experimental, epidemiological and clinical studies [4]suggest that CBD has strong anti-anxiety properties.

When administered as needed ( “acutely”), it seems well-tolerated, safe and could be beneficial in treating several anxiety-related disorders.

How Can CBD Oil Help With Anxiety?

Many people suffering from anxiety use CBD oil, hemp oil, and other related supplements to help them sleep better and manage the continuous stream of worry-filled thoughts related to emotional problems.

Also, in 2013 another study was conducted on mice thus showing that repeated use of CBD can cause the neuron regeneration in the hippocampus ( hippocampal neurogenesis ).

The hippocampus is that part of your brain that is responsible for memory and cognition. And for people suffering from depression or anxiety, this brain part appears to be much smaller. This might explain several of the irrational thought patterns particular in these conditions.

Overall, cannabidiol appears to be more than just a placebo supplement, but a compound which can directly affect the functioning of different neurotransmitter receptors and brain parts.

In fact, Chemistry & Biodiversity published a 2007 [4] study that indicates that CBD can provide many positive pharmacological effects. As a result, this makes the CBD compound an extremely attractive therapeutic supplement.

But before you start using CBD, it is important that you learn more about the possible risks involved when using or purchasing it. Also, it is advisable that you consult your doctor before you start taking CBD for anxiety.

Since CBD oil is not controlled as a medical supplement for treating anxiety, it is not yet known how much a person should take, or how often they should take it. For this reason, it is also crucial that you consult a doctor with experience in administering CBD oil to help determine the right dose for your needs.

Is CBD Good For My Condition?

It still remains unclear on the part cannabidiol plays in treating anxiety disorders. And to help with this, more long-term studies may be necessary to analyse the benefits as well as potential risks.

If you suffer from anxiety and other treatments have not given you any relief, CBD oil might just be a possible alternative solution.

If you are considering using CBD oil to manage anxiety, be sure to discuss this with a licensed doctor to help you determine the right dose and treatment for you. It is also important that you learn about what the laws in your country or state say about the use of products from the cannabis plant.

Final Thoughts

Evidence provided by animal studies [3] has characterized the details of the way CBD affects the brain. Also, human studies of people with anxiety disorders and others without are starting to confirm CBD’s efficacy in anxiety treatment.

Considering the huge financial and social costs that anxiety disorders attract, CBD has the potency of playing a significant role when it comes to treating many of the anxiety-related disorders.

Although more research is needed, including larger randomized-control trials (RCTs), to study the long-term effects as well as the healing potentials of CBD.

So far it has demonstrated its efficacy with an extremely favorable safety profile (especially when compared to presently available drugs). And this makes CBD a potential alternative or supplement to the now available pharmaceuticals.


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